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Hayley Kelly

Founder, Therapists Rising
Hayley Kelly

Dr Hayley Kelly, the Uncaged Therapist, epitomizes the fusion of clinical psychology with innovative entrepreneurship. With a PhD, a Masters, and a coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation, she has spent over a decade refining her expertise.

As the founder of Therapists Rising, Dr Kelly extends her influence beyond traditional therapy through group coaching, dynamic online training, and webinars, as well as hosting the acclaimed Therapists Rising Podcast.

Her disruptive methods have earned her multiple awards and investment-backing, a rarity for women-led startups, highlighting her as a thought leader who empowers therapists to build scalable, impactful businesses. Dr Kelly’s keynotes, workshops, and programs blend strategy and foresight, urging mental health professionals to embrace new models for growth, clinician sustainability, and client care.

With programs like The Incubator and The Collective Mastermind, she advocates for financial and time freedom, moving the mental health profession towards a future where therapists are unshackled from conventional constraints. Learn more about her transformative approach at www.therapistsrising.com

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