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Hunter Mulcare

Senior Clinician - Eating Disorders Stream, Orygen Youth Health
Hunter Mulcare

Hunter is a Health Psychologist who has extensive experience working in the medical setting. For almost a decade he worked with cancer patients during and post their treatment in public setting (Western Health and Northern Health). He started working in oncology after completing a Doctorate of Health Psychology (in 2008) at University of Melbourne, where he did a study on the psychological adjustment of lung cancer patients through the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. More recently he worked on acute and sub-acute medical wards assisting people admitted to hospital for a medical problem who are also having psychological difficulties. These might be reactive to their situation (e.g. adjustment to a new diagnosis, fear of a procedure, social isolation because of a long admission, palliative care) or when they have a pre-existing psychological issue that makes admission challenging (e.g. borderline personality, anorexia nervosa, needle phobias). More recently he worked as a Senior Psychologist in the medical setting, training provisional psychologists as part of their Master’s program.

Hunter completed a Masters of Clinical Psychology in 2023 through Swinburne University and has since he has moved into working with restrictive eating disorders. He started working with eating disorders after completing placement at the Royal Children’s Hospital working with young people with Anorexia Nervosa. He has recently taken up a role with Orygen Youth Health as a senior in their Eating Disorders service.

He his passionate/nerdy about all things psychology, and if two post-graduate degrees isn’t enough to demonstrate this, he also co-hosted and produced a long running psychology podcast called Two Shrinks Pod. The podcast had a large Australian and international following and covered everything from an in-depth series on Personality Disorders; long form discussions on interesting disorders like (e.g. Factitious Disorder, DID); lighter topics like why do we laugh, why do we cry; as well as episodes diagnosing characters from Star Wars and Harry Potter with DSM-5 disorders. (2SP is available on Apple, Spotify and at www.twoshrinkspod.com)

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