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Sahra O’Doherty

President, Australian Association of Psychologists inc.

President, Australian Association of Psychologists

Principal Psychologist & Co-Director, Mindscape Psychology and Allied Health

Sahra has been a registered Psychologist for over 13 years, and has co-owned Mindscape with Joanne Ramos for the last 10 years. 

Sahra works with adults and adolescents at Mindscape to identify their strengths, gain an understanding of what is important to them, and build their sense of self-esteem and confidence. She provides a warm and encouraging safe space for people to be themselves, without fear of judgement, and where they can always find acceptance. Sahra believes in and values authenticity, self-compassion, and willingness to try new things in the therapy space, and in life.

Sahra has a keen interest in working with LGBTQI+ and gender diverse individuals, people of colour and those from diverse cultural backgrounds, and people who have experienced marginalisation based on any of their identities. Sahra considers herself to be a “feminist psychologist-in-progress” (as there is always more to learn), and loves working with women and non-binary people on issues surrounding identity, sexuality, wellbeing, and empowerment.

As the President of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi), the peak not-for-profit membership association for Psychologists in Australia, Sahra fights for equity and diversity within the Psychology profession. Sahra has been on the Board of the AAPi for 4 years, and is passionate about bringing systemic change to the way psychology is practices and governed in Australia.

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