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Together in unity we are stronger.

AAPi conference 2024

Our conference is designed to promote unity, engagement, and learning in the field of psychology practice in Australia. We are proud to offer a conference promoting our core values of advocacy, equality, and diversity; our mission is to connect psychologists to shape the future of mental health.

We understand that an ideal way of to achieving our mission is through a conference, offering interactive sessions, innovative learning, peer-to-peer debriefs and opportunities for engagement. We are committed to ensuring our attendees have access to a rich diversity of psychology practice in Australia, allowing them to learn from experts in the field.

Our conference features a combination of presentation formats and expert-led sessions. Attendees will have the chance to listen to experts and engage in interactive sessions that promote learning and development. We encourage our attendees to debrief with their peers and share their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Be a part of a conference that incorporates the core values of promoting the rich diversity of psychology practice in Australia. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be heard and represented. We strive to promote diversity and equality, and we are committed to creating a safe space for all attendees. We value the input and insights of every attendee, and we are dedicated to promoting an inclusive environment.

AAPi looks forward to welcoming you to our conference in 2024.

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Organising Committee

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Amanda Curran



Tegan Carrison


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Mandy Halabi


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Dr Bronwyn Milkins


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Dr Katrina Norris


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Carly Dober



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Sahra O'Doherty


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Judith Griffiths


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Amanda Moses